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Eastern Province Kings 10 2 12
ORC Griquas 10 1 8
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Rewind, pause, play or fast forward? You choose!

Written by Sharon van Wyk (Shaz)

Posted in :Currie Cup, Original Content, Sharks, Super Rugby on 28 Jun 2011 at 20:33
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If life was a DVD what would you do with it? Would you rewind and replay the best bits ad infinitum, fast forward to find out what the future holds or pause it to wait for things to get better before proceeding? Or would you just press play and let the plot unfold as it should, without interruption?

The reason I ask these somewhat odd questions is that I have noticed in the wake of the Sharks’ loss to the Crusaders last weekend how many of us here on Sharksworld are fans of the rewind button and evidently under constant temptation from the fast forward option. I call it the “If Only” syndrome.

“If only JLP had been able to kick…” “If only we’d held onto Frans Steyn…” “If only Ruan hadn’t left…” “If only our new signing were Butch…” “If only we could get a new coach…” “If only we hadn’t lost so many players…” “If only we could learn from our mistakes…”

I know the feeling and empathise 100% – If only we could go back to Twickenham and play the first half like the second one. If only we could have beaten the Stormers. If only we could have slotted one more penalty past the Lions. If only our coaches and players could do it over again and get it right this time… If only we could win next year’s SupeRugby. If only we could find the magic from last year’s Currie Cup final…

“If Only” Syndrome can throw up some exciting prospects… For example – if only we could clone Pat Lambie we could create the ultimate Sharks side with limitless talent and depth at every position (Rob and I discussed this once on a thread – the permutations were quite something, believe me!)… But then again, as my ex father in law used to say, if only my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!

It’s a human tendency, I know, to keep reflecting on what’s past and postulating on what’s to come. But it’s a largely fruitless waste of energy and one which robs us of what’s really important – the here and now. This moment. As you read this. It’s all that actually exists. The rest of it is nostalgia and conjecture.

Like the DVD of life, the Sharks DVD is a work in progress. And even though we can hit the rewind button until we are blue in the face, the past is write protected and we can’t alter it in any way, much as we’d like to. So yes, we can go backwards and take some solace, some joy even in watching a re-run or highlight reel of the best moments in Sharks history, looking at the stunning players who used to grace the Black and White (or did the Black and White actually grace them, I wonder?) and eulogise about the incredible talent we lost… But we can’t overwrite any of it or edit it in any way.

Likewise, if we hit the fast forward button in an attempt to find out whether Plum and the Boys are going to get it right next year, all we are going to get is a mess of fuzzy grey lines and indecipherable interference… Some may be brave enough to try and make something of it all and create images from the chaos, but they won’t be able to save it to disk and keep it there, so the chances are that when the fast forward button is hit again, the “picture” will have changed substantially.

The pause option seems to be popular. It’s effectively a “time out” button, giving us the chance to take a deep breath and cogitate before continuing with the DVD. Or do something much more interesting in the meantime. But personally, I prefer to just hit “play” and let it all happen as it’s supposed to. Watching it all in real time, frame by frame. Minute by minute.

But hey, that’s me. And I am a product of everything that has ever happened to me. My wisdom, or complete lack of it is a direct result of experiences good and bad. Just like the Sharks in their current state are the embodiment of everything leading up to this moment in time.

So if we accept that we can’t go back and change anything, and that we can’t beam ourselves into the future because it doesn’t yet exist (unless you are a staunch supporter of quantum physics and multiple parallel universes) then what are we left with? The present. And unless we hit the “pause” button and take that time out, we have to deal with the Sharks as they are now, in this current version, warts and all.

Of course this doesn’t preclude us wishing. Or hoping. Or dreaming. But wouldn’t it be nice to wish for something real and achievable? Instead of wishing that great players of the past could come back and play for the Sharks once more, wouldn’t it be nice to wish that our current players could reach the same pinnacles of achievement? Instead of hoping that we get a new coach, wouldn’t it be better to hope that our current coach manages to get the balance right and hit paydirt? And instead of dreaming that we won this year’s SupeRugby trophy, wouldn’t it be better to dream of us retaining the Currie Cup and the Boks retaining the World Cup?

But who am I to preach – it’s your DVD too – so you choose what you want to do… Now pass the remote, please! I’m itching to get that SuperPat clone army under way! :mrgreen:


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